General Philosophies

Who we are

The Auto Clinic is a family owned and operated full service automotive repair facility.  We have been open for business for over 19 years.  We are committed to our customers, this means proper repairs with quality parts, but also exceptional service.

Fair treatment

It is a shame that this has to be stated, but according to some of our customers, it is not obvious in all repair facilities.  You will be treated with the utmost respect at The Auto Clinic, regardless of race, age, gender, or financial status.  Our customers have varying levels of interest in the specifics of automotive repair.  Some want to know every detail, others just want the bottom line.  Wherever you fall on this spectrum is alright.  We can explain our processes to beginners or experts, based on interest, not gender.  We will never accept the idea that any person that wants to know is unable understand our recommendations.

Free shuttle service

Unless you can drive two cars at once, it is pretty hard to get where you need to be after dropping off your vehicle.  We offer a free ride anywhere in town to pick you up or drop you off.  If that is not extremely easy for you, we can even come to your home or work to pick up and drop off your vehicle.  This helps the most if you work the same hours as we do.


It is law, in Illinois, that you are to be given estimates for any work that results in a bill over $100.  It is policy at The Auto Clinic that you be given an estimate for all work performed followed by your approval which leaves you in control every step of the way.

How to confirm recommended work is needed

Just ask.  Any recommendation should be able to be backed with by a scientific diagnostic procedure.  This process is not a secret and this information should not be hidden from you, the financially responsible vehicle owner.  We have no problem escorting our customers into the shop to inspect, observe, and witness any tests performed or faults confirmed on your vehicle.  After all, it is YOUR vehicle, right?


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