Spring is coming, I promise, but it’s not quite here.  Until the first day of spring we will have discounts on two items that are perfect for this situation.

So, here are the deals:

1)  Coolant flush: $89.95*

First, coolant flushes are a vital maintenance item that often save engines and restore proper heat.  The coolant flush includes up to two gallons of universal mixed coolant and labor.  Please, think of your poor toes!

2)  Tune up: 15% OFF PARTS

Secondly, tune ups not only extend the life of your car, but also help to make the most out of the gas being burned (spring maintenance).  Tune up offer is related to spark plugs, wires or boots, cap, rotor, air filter, PCV, and fuel filter.




*Coolant flush special includes all the time needed to flush most vehicles, but can not guarantee that all heating problems will be solved or that all coolant or debris will be removed.  Call for questions.

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